Vending & Micro Markets

My-Cap Vending is a full-line vending operation.  Let us help you plan your break room.  Whether you are in need of vending machines full of the best selling candy, snacks, food and beverages or you are looking for a full-scale convenience store inside your break room, let us lay it out and manage it for you.

Vending Machines

Convenience and value all wrapped into one.  We work hard to make sure your place of business has relevant product assortment and variety so that your employees do not need to travel far for a snack, treat, refreshment, or meal.

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An unmanned market in your place of business!  Give your employees a huge selection of food, snacks, beverages, treats and more without having to manage it yourself!  Micro-markets can transform your break room!  Contact us to find out more!

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