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At Myers-Cox we try to make doing business with us easy.

That is why we offer a number of programs to make sure that you are taken care of.
We will gladly help you layout your store, plan your menu, make sense of your operational needs and provide the tools and insight needed to drive continued growth and to provide sustainable profitability.

Our goal is to see you succeed. If you don’t, we don’t.

Coffee & Beverage Solutions

Myers-Cox Company can provide you with all of your beverage needs.  Coffee machines, cappuccino machines, iced coffee, slushy, and more.

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Ware-Washing & Laundry Solutions

Myers-Cox Company has an incredible chemical program. Yes, PROGRAM. Ware-washing, laundry and housekeeping chemical sales AND SERVICE. Myers-Cox Company has an incredibly experienced service team to make sure your operations are in tip-top shape.

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Convenience Distribution

Myers-Cox Company is 150 years old. We have always prided ourselves on being as service forward as we can possibly be.  Regular sales visits to consult our business partners in their operations, regular and timely delivery, product assortment, and more. We have always competed strongly with our biggest competitors, but believe that we are more agile than other distributors. That flexibility allows us to better serve our customers.

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Vending & Micro Markets

My-Cap Vending, a subsidiary of Myers-Cox Company, is a full line vending operation.  Whether you are looking for traditional vending via beverage, snack, food, or coffee machines or you would like a state-of-the-art micro market in your place of business let Myers-Cox Company leverage its knowledge of the snack, food, and convenience world to make your vending offering first class.

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