At Myers-Cox we try to make doing business with us easy.

That is why we offer a number of services to make sure that you are taken care of.

Regular Visits by a Sales Rep

We pride ourselves on being present. Being in front of our customers regularly.  Not only to get sales, but to build the relationship and to make sure that we earn your trust and your business every week.

Consistent Deliveries

Not only will you regularly see a sales rep, but our low minimums allow you to get deliveries more often. Next day delivery is typically the case. If we see you on a Monday, your delivery will be on Tuesday. Every week.

High Tech

Myers-Cox provides a number of ways to place your orders. Of course, if you don’t want that hassle, we will do the order for you. If you want to order online or using some mobile apps that we can provide, just ask!

Manage Overstock

Do you want to avoid inventorying a bunch of back stock? Ask your sales rep about the huge number of products that are available in less-than-case quantities.

150 Years in business doesn’t happen by accident.

We provide solutions to help our customers succeed.

We will gladly help you layout your store, plan your menu, make sense of your operational needs and provide the tools and insight needed to drive continued growth and to provide sustainable profitability.


Myers-Cox has the ability to customize and manage your retail prices as well as your personal order guides. If you want to increase your margins, let Myers-Cox help.

Store Layout

An effective store layout can lead to higher sales, better customer satisfaction, and an overall more efficient business. Our team will work with you to make sure you are optimizing the layout of your store for the best possible experience. Let us analyze your product mix and your planograms so that you are selling the best products, more often.

Don’t Leave Any Money on the Table

Myers-Cox Company works with some of the best manufacturers and manufacturer representatives in the country. Let us make sure you are taking advantage of as many marketing programs, rebate programs, credit policies and product guarantees  as possible. It only puts more money in your pocket.

We’ve been helping businesses succeed for 150 years. Contact us today!

Need some help handling your laundry? We’ve got you covered!