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Myers-Cox is located in Peosta, Iowa from where it distributes to a variety of businesses within a 150 mile radius of Dubuque, including customers in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. These businesses include convenience stores, bars and grills, restaurants, grocery stores, office buildings, doctor’s offices, banks, schools, concession stands, and city parks.

The product line consists of many of the same categories that it has for years and has been expanded to include a ware-washing and laundry program, cleaning chemicals, janitorial supplies, paper products, plastic products, coffee and coffee programs, foodservice products and others.

Christopher D. Dempsey

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Sales Manager

We’ve had the privilege to work with some awesome clients

"Sometimes, and in numerous ways, companies find a way to succeed. Such is our partnership with MyersCox. Hartig Drug Stores relied on the Capital Tobacco Company to manufacture a "Quality Cigar for a nickel" in 1904. Some 107 years later, we continue to rely on our trusted supply channel for many departmental needs. It's all about family, consistency of product, timely delivery…but most of all, trust. I simply believe that they care about Hartig Drug Stores, our success and theirs."

− Richard J. Hartig, CEO, Hartig Drug Company


Myers-Cox Company was originally founded in Dubuque in 1866 by Mr. Myers and Mr. Tice. Myers and Tice originally founded the company to manufacture and sell hand-rolled cigars. The tobacco was primarily purchased from Wisconsin farmers and transported to Dubuque by way of train or boat. The company manufactured hand-rolled cigars and sold them to retailers in the area. In the early 1890’s W.G. Cox purchased Tice’s interest in the company and the name changed to what it is today, Myers-Cox Company.

In the early 1900’s Myers-Cox started distributing some nationally branded cigars. Territory franchises were established and became an important piece of the distribution process. W.B. Poinsett joined Myers-Cox in 1926 as sales manager. Poinsett and Thomas Stampfer, the owner of a large Dubuque department store, purchased the company is 1931. The company moved its headquarters and warehouse to Dodge and Main Streets in 1935. William Poinsett, W.B.’s son, joined Myers-Cox in 1939 and eventually took over management in the 1950’s.


World War II brought a lot of challenges for the country and consequentially, Myers-Cox. All resale products were rationed, including gasoline and tires. The rationing made delivering product and making sales calls challenging. As men answered the call to serve the country, women joined the warehouse operation at Myers-Cox for the first time. Joseph A. Carew joined the Myers-Cox team in August of 1955. This started his fifty-three year long career with Myers-Cox.

Joseph A. Carew joined the Myers-Cox team in August of 1955. This started his fifty-three year long career with Myers-Cox. Throughout the years Carew family members have always been involved in the company, working in every department. The second generation of the Carew family remains an integral part of the company. Greg’s wife, Mary Carew, is currently the Chief Financial Officer. Chris Dempsey, Greg and Mary’s son-in-law, joined the business in 2009. Chris’ addition brings the third generation of the family into the business and continues the valuable tradition of family involvement in the Myers-Cox Company.

Present Day

Over the years, product variety has expanded, transportation methods have improved, and the location of Myers-Cox has changed. The goal of the company has remained consistent: Myers-Cox takes care of its customers. Myers-Cox understands what it takes for a small business to succeed. It has succeeded as a family owned business for generations and will continue that tradition by using its expertise to help its customers grow their own businesses for generations.

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